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It's Halfway Through 2022: How's Your Law Firm Marketing Strategy Going?

We’re halfway through 2022. Are you halfway to your revenue goals for the year? For most law firms, the end of Q2 is an anxiety-filled time, because partners begin to realize that

Ross Yellin


Quickbooks Online vs. Quickbooks Desktop for Law Firms

A topic that has recently picked up steam for us here at Practice Alchemy is the decision of which version of Intuit’s QuickBooks product to implement for your accounting system.

How Law Firm Partners Benefit from Operations Dashboards

Why does your car have a dashboard? What would you really lose if you drove a car that had no indicators, dials, or meters?

3 Ways to Boost Your Law Firm's Business Operations

Over the past six years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with hundreds of professional services organizations spanning from consulting companies, law firms, accounting firms,

Matthew Iovanni

5 mins

Understanding the 3 Client Lifecycle Stages of Law Firms

The United States is home to 443,565 law firms that collectively generated $330 billion in revenues during 2019 alone. With so much money on the line and aggressive competition

Matthew Iovanni

5 mins

Annual Law Firm Maintenance Check

Consider for a moment how you maintain your car. Are you the type that sticks to the recommended regular maintenance schedule, or do you only address vehicle health when given a

Ross Yellin

3 mins

Law Firm (Mis-) Management

How do you know if your firm is being managed properly? Maybe we should take a step even further back and ask a question that surprisingly doesn’t have an easy answer … What IS

Raj Jha

2 mins

7 Productivity Tips for Lawyers

Your success as a lawyer depends on how productively you use your time. If you find yourself agonizing over small, yet time-consuming tasks on a daily or weekly basis, here are

Samantha Silvia

4 mins