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Law firm paid media services

Paid Media for Law Firms

Practice Alchemy’s paid media services are designed to get your specific message in front of a targeted audience quickly and cost-effectively to either increase market awareness or in most cases to increase access to potential new clients.

In simple terms paid media marketing is paying to play or more specifically paying for placement.  For example, in Google, that means jumping to the front of the line and appearing in the top places when a member of your target audience performs a relevant search; or at the top of Google map listings when your target is looking for a similar service. In most other platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter it’s paying to have an ad placed in the feed of your target when they are actively using the platform increasing your firm’s reach.

Our approach to law firm paid media services is to use it as part of your firm’s strategic marketing plan to increase your firm’s ability to reach potential new clients or referral partners and have them commit to a discussion with a member of your intake team. 

It is likely that you have tried some form of paid media marketing in the past - either through the use of another marketing firm or perhaps testing it yourself with a limited budget.  It is also very likely that this effort was not as successful as you had hoped.  

PA- Paid Media

We believe that our success when working with our clients is at its foundation all about the sophisticated analytic and measurement tools that we use from the onset of our paid media marketing services engagement. 

Our analysts are firm believers in the mantra  “If you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”

Because we work exclusively with law firms we know:

The keywords that will work best to trigger audience engagement
How best to create targeted audiences for your specific campaign, and
How to analyze results to continually improve performance

The most successful law firm paid media marketing campaigns are constantly managed and reviewed for performance.  We work with you to understand how you like to consume information and your preferred reporting cadence, and we adjust our reporting to meet your needs.

Request a free marketing assessment below to learn more about how Practice Alchemy’s law firm paid media services can help your firm capture and close more qualified leads.