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How to Be Proactive in Your Law Firm While Taking Time Off

Taking time off from your law firm without losing your business can seem like an impossible task. We’ve talked about the myths and fears associated with unplugging. How are we supposed to move past them and make a real, unplugged vacation a possibility? The key is to banish the fears, banish the myths, and become proactive.


When unplugging seems impossible and overwhelming, those myths and fears are swirling through your head. The thing is, it’s only in your head; it’s not reality. It’s only reality when you let it become reality for you. When you’re reactive, you're letting those myths and fears unfold to you and dictate your situation. When you’re reactive, it’s easy not to change.

What You Gain By Becoming Proactive

By switching into a mode where you can actually address this proactively, you can break through that. You can break through the denial, break through the fear, and break through the frustration and gain the ability to unplug. This ability to unplug has two huge benefits.

  1. You gain a much better quality of life… because you have time to enjoy it.
  2. You can be more profitable in your firm… because it’s not you doing everything.

As I’ve mentioned before, as an entrepreneurial lawyer you are in both the equity owner position and the employee position. The more you take yourself out of the employee position, then the better off things are going to be. Why? Because you can hire people to do absolutely everything!

Still Think You’re A Superhero?

Do you actually think to yourself, “Only I can do this. I am the only one who could possibly practice this esoteric area of law…”?

If it’s true, then you’d be the only attorney in the United States doing what you do, and we know that that’s not the case. Other people can fill those employee roles. Whether or not you let them is a separate concern entirely.

It’s not true that only you can fill those roles in your firm. By taking a proactive approach to separating yourself as an owner and yourself as an employee, you can fill the roles needed and move toward gaining the ability to unplug.

Raj Jha