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How To Become An Authority With Your Law Practice Marketing

Too many lawyers fall into the trap of being a commodity because they haven’t positioned themselves as authorities.

And let’s face it. The market is rigged that way.

Most lawyers feel like they’re competing for clients. That clients always have to do the choosing, because that's just the way lawyers have to be.

Stop doing this.

“The only winning move is not to play.” (Bonus points if you know what movie that quote is from, by the way.) Stop competing for clients and have them compete for you – as an authority.

Think about it this way: If you needed brain surgery, would you be price shopping? Or would you find the best surgeon, the person most qualified to solve your problem?

It’s no different for legal clients. Granted, it may not be a life or death situation, but they have a problem. They’re in pain. And they’re looking for help.

If you position yourself as the brain surgeon, as the authority, clients will stop asking if you charge less than the other guy.

They’ll start asking the right questions, like, “I hope he takes me.”

You Must Position Yourself as an Exclusive Practice

A low-end practice cannot be an authority.

If you’re giving off a low-end vibe and letting the client boss you around, you cannot be an authority. If you keep positioning yourself as the "taking all comers, because I need the business" generalist, then the only thing you have to differentiate yourself is price.

If you’re not showing that you have a disciplined process for managing clients and gathering the information you need to do a great job, you cannot be an authority.

You must position yourself as exclusive.

Exclusive practices are experts. Clients feel they'll get things done, and get them done right.

And be realistic. You are an expert at what you do. If a client could really, truly solve their own problem they wouldn't be talking to you. So get credit, get paid, get thought of as the expert that you are.

Here's what you must do to be perceived as an expert:

You Must Publish

You don’t have to write a book, but you do have to continue to position your practice over time using multiple media.

You can’t just say you’re the best. You have to prove you’re the best.

In our “done for you” marketing programs we accomplish this by providing our members with content that positions them as experts over time.

Because repeated exposures to the message of you as an authority are critical to actually becoming the authority in the market.

You Must Be Prolific

You can’t just publish once. Respected thought leaders don’t just do one thing and stop. And sit back. And bask in their own glory.

Lawrence Lessig, Seth Godin and even Supreme Court Justices constantly lean forward and continue to publish.

The moment you become complacent is the moment someone begins to steal your position. And your clients.

Position, Publish, Prolific. The three legs to being an authority.

Why It Never Gets Done ... Unless -

And it's hard, I'll grant you that. If you don't have the time, if you don't know what to publish, how to position - or don't have the stamina to keep it up, then get help. Because you can't just "kind of" do it.

You can't skip a month. Even if you're in trial. You need to DO it. Always. Without fail.

I just got off the phone with one of our members, Liza. She's an author, and has a great message. A solid market position. But she wasn't really publishing in the right medium. And despite having great content, didn't get it out into the world.

The fact is, even though she had content, she needed the structure of when to publish, the overall campaign plan, the most effective and real-world tested templates ... and time to get it all done.

We helped her structure her campaigns, get the right content in front of the right people. In under thirty days, we had an entire years' worth of campaigns ready for her.

It's been only four months, and she's paid for our program three times over. Engagement rates on her campaigns are triple industry average. And the best part for her? It's "set and forget." For a whole year of reaping the rewards. She's on target for a 10x return on her investment.

Why? Because we used the formula. Position, publish, prolific. (Well, and some proprietary wizardry that makes our campaigns faster and more effective than lawyers going on their own - we have to keep a few tricks up our sleeve, don't we?).

The rewards are immense. The keys to price elasticity. To better clients. To more clients. To a practice you really, truly enjoy.

You have the formula. Now make sure it gets done.

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Raj Jha