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Finding Ideal Clients

Are you worried that you’re not getting good clients?

Are you wondering how you could not only land good clients, but ideal clients?

I want to take you through a thought process that helps identify your ideal clients, and where you can find more of them.



4 Key Questions To Finding Your Ideal Clients

If you ask these four questions, you're on the road to identifying your ideal clients. While this is an abbreviated version of some tools found in our membership area, it's a great place to get started.

1. Who?

Who are your ideal clients? To determine this, you need to look at two things: former clients and prospects who didn’t become clients.

Why do you think about it this way?

Former clients give you clues. You can reverse engineer from former clients to see who else is like them. Look at your former clients and ask, who were my best clients? and why were they the best?

Try to pick out their common attributes. Look for more than just good engagement and focus on who was great to work with, who paid on time or in advance, common legal issues, etc.

Then think about prospects. Who were the fish you wanted but didn't land? Think of their common attributes.

You could just think through this exercise, but you’ll get a lot more from it if you book some time for yourself and write it out. Take yourself out to coffee with a pen and paper. Bring a list of former clients and a wish-list of prospects. If you could create your ideal practice where you only represented ideal clients, who would they be and what would be their attributes? Write it down.

2. Where?

Now that you have the WHO written down, take a step back ask where you can find them.

Where do they congregate?

Often, we stop at “wouldn't it be great if my clients paid on time?” but in actuality, that's just a symptom of something else. Instead of just improving your current clients, what if you could clone your best clients?

If you think about it further, your best clients all congregate in certain areas. If you want to catch the right kind of fish, go to the pond where they're swimming. Unless you’ve taken the time to think about this, though, you won't know whether you should be going to a business group, church event, networking event, and so on.

Often when attorneys do marketing, they end up doing a random shotgunning of stuff. They haven't thoroughly done the exercise and asked themselves where to gain access to their ideal clients.

3. Why?

So, you've identified them and you know where they are. Why would they be compelled to engage you?

This crosses over into the category of positioning. Are you a commodity or are you an expert?

If you look like every other attorney why would they be compelled to choose you over someone else? Even if you know the WHO and WHERE, if you show up to an event and you're just another lawyer that “does everything” they won’t be compelled to engage you.

Understanding the WHY is what will let you tune your marketing to these people — to the ideal clients. I would encourage you to look at some of my other resources on positioning and authority publishing. It’s crucial to understand why you need to be specific in your marketing and not be a commodity practice.

4. When?

When will you take action?

We have thousands of people on our email list. They’ll watch the videos, read the blogs, and check out the frameworks. You can almost hear the nodding of the heads as they absorb this. When we talk to them, they say, “Wow! I love the concepts here!" ... But only a few go farther.

Understanding WHO, WHERE, and WHY is only the first step. You have to believe that you’ll take action and the best way is to choose a timeframe.

This is one of the first things that we work on in our Practice Growth program. We find out who your ideal clients are and where you can find them, and then we start position the practices that way.

I'm challenging you, right now, to schedule time to go out for coffee think about this and write it down. That's your challenge for today.

If you want help thinking through this, we have a Practice Growth Team and we offer complimentary sessions. Go to practicealchemy.com/freedom. You can book a complimentary ten-minute session so we can talk about if and how we can help you.

If, for one reason or another, you haven't taken action, we can motivate you - and make sure you have the right framework in place to get it done right.

Raj Jha