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How One Lawyer Generated Referrals on His Very First Marketing Campaign

We recently started working with a personal injury attorney who joined our Referral Alchemy program.

His situation wasn't unique. A ton of new attorneys came into his market. Not just graduating attorneys, but attorneys going out on their own after they were let go by their firms. Established practices hiring solos and expanding their local footprint, grabbing cases.

With this influx of competition, the attorney’s pay-per-click costs had gone up, and it was harder to get great cases. He was spending more, and quality was going down.

There are a few large practices in his market that drop serious cash on expensive advertising. TV, Radio, Internet, everything. They keep the great cases and get rid of the others. The market was starting to feel dry, and good cases getting fewer and farther between.

So, quite sensibly, he wanted out of the cutthroat competition among personal injury attorneys. But he didn't want to have to take on lower-quality, speculative cases to do it.

And he didn’t want to be, as he put it, a “billboard lawyer.”

His final requirement? He didn’t want to waste his face-to-face time with worthless networking at the local bar association.

How Practice Alchemy Helped Him Get There

First, we determined what types of clients he was looking for. High quality clients, and cases with merit.

Then we created marketing campaigns to let his entire network know exactly what kinds of cases he was suited for.

The campaigns didn’t just say, “I’m a lawyer.” They didn't use a megaphone, blasting people with his smiling face like the billboard lawyer he didn't want to be.

The marketing was entirely different. Education-based. As in, “here's what you should know about injury claims.” And they did so in an extremely compelling way.

We showed him the exact formula – how to think through the kinds of content that engage people so marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.

We set up, as we always do, an entire year’s worth of marketing campaigns (including all the content) within the first few days of working together so we could blissfully set and forget.

The very first email marketing campaign brought him a new client.

Now, it doesn't matter whether you do this yourself, or ask us to help you (and we don't accept all customers, so please be aware of this if you apply). This particular experience offered proof that there’s a lot of business out there.

In a crowded market. With fierce competition. Escalating advertising rates. And clients drying up.

The vast majority of that business can be generated from within the group of people who already know, like and trust you. Instead of chasing the latest marketing gamble or throwing money at PPC, pay more attention to the network you’ve built over the years.

Structure your campaigns the right way.

You’ll find plenty of business waiting for you.

Focus on getting high quality referrals from people who already know you, and you won’t need to do any other kind of marketing.


Raj Jha