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Law Firm Podcasts: Are They Worth Your Time?

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As a lawyer, you have experience and insight into several specific niche areas. Cultivating a reputation as a thought leader by owning a legal podcast will demonstrate how knowledgeable you are in your various fields of practice. Creating and maintaining a podcast may be a crucial part of your law firm marketing strategy to enable you to reach your goals.

Podcasts are increasingly popular and offer a unique opportunity for lawyers to present their highly informed insight and knowledge to a large audience. You have the ability to demonstrate your credibility, while also expanding your brand and network. Below, we have detailed four main reasons why law firm podcasts are indeed worth your time.

Building Credibility

As a law firm podcast host, you will be responsible for diving into various topics- both legal and nonlegal. This requires you to have extensive experience to be able to draw upon in order to detail a particular area of expertise. As you detail the topic of your podcast, you are building credibility with your audience and showcasing your abundance of insight. 

Hosting a podcast has a similar effect as publishing a blog or writing a book – it helps develop your reputation as an expert. As you increase your authority in your market, you attract other opportunities to showcase your thought leadership.

Approachability and Personal Connection

Positioning yourself as an expert in your legal field will not only help you connect with an audience, but it will enable them to view you as a real person. You can expand upon topics that are important to you and that you have experience answering regularly for clients. 

Audio is a great opportunity to engage listeners. You can share the same information that you would on a blog in a podcast, but with more personal touches that can resonate. In audio form, you can better communicate your personality and your passion for certain subjects. Potential clients will feel like they’re really getting to know you, connecting with you, and therefore developing a deeper level of trust.

Building A Personal Brand

While you have the brand of your law firm, you build upon it to create a more personal brand. While your brand and your law firm’s will likely align, owning a podcast will strengthen your individual brand. This will increase your authority and establish yourself as a credible lawyer.

Establishing and Developing Relationships

One popular and useful approach for your podcast is to combine recording solo podcasts, as well as your interviews with other individuals. Each podcast guest that you have on your podcast will increase your likelihood of reaching new listeners and build a rapport with the guest’s audience.

Additionally, as you invite guests onto your podcast, you will be able to gain their trust and build a relationship with them. They will also recognize your high level of knowledge and feel comfortable referring potential clients to your firm. 

Our Marketing Team Can Guide You

If you want to stand out in your industry while expanding your brand and network, law firm podcasts are for you. While the creation and execution of a law firm podcast may seem daunting, our team of legal marketing professionals has experience guiding clients through this process. We can help you produce and promote your podcast so that it is a positive reflection of your brand. 

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Ross Yellin