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Why Law Firm SEO is a Waste of Money

I can't tell you how many lawyers I talk to every week who have SEO salesmen banging down their doors. A good number of them try it out, and the vast majority of them get absolutely nothing from the money they spend. And even those who do are living in a false reality.

Let me tell you why.

SEO is probably the last marketing tactic you should use. Well, yes, it ranks above skywriting, but it kind of ends there.

Here's the fundamental premise with all marketing. And I mean all marketing, whether it's manual, automated, paid, free, whatever.

If you're not doing marketing that is creating long-term value for your practice, you're wasting your time and your money.

Now, let's look at what the SEO guys are hawking. And let's call a spade a spade. They're selling black magic. If they do "on page optimization" and "fix your tags" then they imply that a firehose of clients will be aimed at you. And of course, they tell you it will take a long time to start working. Just long enough for them to extract some money before you pull the plug, of course.

But what are they really selling? They're selling an attempt to game a system. Google is the system, and as we all know they're in a constant battle to stop "unnatural rankings." In fact, their stated policy is that anything that is done to influence web rankings will be penalized.

So that's what they SEO guys are trying to sell you. An attempt to circumvent a system. And, yes, sometimes it can work.

But even if it does, what have you invested in? What have you built? A house of cards. Because one day Google will catch on to whatever cockamamie scheme your SEO firm has come up with, and BAM. Penguins, Pandas, or whatever other update-animal Google has sent, you go from clients to starvation in a blink of an eye.

All that investment, gone.

You've spent time. Money. Effort. And what you thought was good marketing is wiped out in a second.

Real wealth isn't built on a foundation of sand.

Real wealth is built on assets you control. Assets you understand.

SEO is none of those.

So if you're doing SEO. If you're considering SEO, maybe it has its place, at some point. But only after you've created marketing channels that are true assets of your firm.

Those where you  build true enterprise value for your practice. That's what a real investment is. A marketing strategy that not only gets you clients today, but far into the future.

Where an investment today can't be taken from you. It's yours.

So, what is hands-down the best, highest short and long term return on investment place to begin marketing?

Referral marketing.

Think about it. Referral marketing is all about getting more business from the people who know, like and trust you. Those relationships are assets.

Assets that can't be Google-slapped. That can't be taken from you. They're yours. That's building a sustainable business.

And what's more, the business you get isn't crappy Internet tire-kickers looking for free advice. People suspicious of you because they came from the void. It's people coming to you with the borrowed trust of your referral partners.

Less price sensitive. Easier to engage. Better clients.

Want to know how to get those clients? To create that referral marketing system that's a real asset?

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Raj Jha