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Why Your Law Practice Logo Doesn’t Matter

There’s a huge trap most unassuming law firms fall into wanting to re-brand themselves, or when they're just starting out.

They think their logo matters.

They spend countless hours looking at other lawyer’s websites for inspiration (as if trying to look like another law firm is a good thing when they don't know if that law firm is actually doing well). And they typically end up creating a new logo that’s completely generic and forgettable.

What Really Matters

Let’s pretend for a second that your firm is able to beat the odds and come up with a beautiful, wonderful logo.

So what?

Prospective clients aren't glued to their computer screen, marveling in awe at the deliciousness of your logo. Unable to break their gaze, lest they become unplugged from that drug of graphic wizardry.

I mean seriously. You’re not going to be remembered for your logo. More importantly, you’re not going to get hired because of your logo. Fancy logos are a worthwhile diversion for large companies that can be pervasive. Where they have years, and thousands of exposures, so consumers can associate their logo with their brand. Yes, it can work for Nike. But guess what.

You’re not Coca-Cola, so your logo probably won’t make much of a difference.

What it will do is force you to spend weeks or even months agonizing over the endless minutiae of fonts, graphics, colors and slogans that must be molded into the elusive kick-butt logo. Unfortunately, these things do very little if anything to move the needle for your business.

When I realized this, I was just a little deflated. I mean, it's fun designing logos. You're thinking about how you want to be perceived.

But there's something you can do with the time you'd spend on logos that will be far, far better.

Focus on the client experience and the prospect experience. What do you want people to experience from the time they first hear about your firm to the time they contact you? How do you want them to feel?

Delivering the best possible experience will go much further towards earning someone’s business than a logo with the excruciatingly stale scales of justice or (please don't say it) the equally awful gavel (there, I said it).

Your Logo Is Not Your Brand

A logo is nothing more than a visual representation of your brand. A shorthand way of remembering something about your company. When you think about the Nike swoosh or the three stripes of Adidas, you see a shorthand for two different types of shoes.

The difference between a law firm and Nike or Adidas is that people aren’t choosing you as a commodity. They’re choosing you as a person and a professional. The logo isn’t causing them to make that choice or even remember you.

Take a fraction of the time that most attorneys spend obsessing over logos, and devote that time to developing your personal image, improving the client experience, and attracting the right kind of clients.

You’ll get much better bang for your time, and your buck.

Raj Jha