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Silly Lawyer, Tricks Are For Kids!

The legal marketing Insultants are calling us dummies and picking our pockets. Again.

I just saw a seminar called "Applying Interactive Trends in Your Law Firm Website". Talking all about how the latest gizmo-nerd-tech will deck out your website like a pimpmobile, hitting you like a firehose with a torrent of clients begging to put cash in your garters.

Sigh. They're at it again.

Stupid marketing tricks.

I'm the last guy to diss technology. I'm a certifiable nerd. When mom doesn't know what a PDF is, I'm on speed dial. When someone is setting up a website, my cell phone starts dancing.

But tech isn't the answer. Tech is a tool. Saying HTML5 will get you more clients is ... well ... dumb.

And that's a good thing, for those of us who aren't running 500 person firms with an IT department, and fancy marketing budget (and crumbling business model, but that's a rant for a different day).

See the thing is, you don't have to care about the tech plumbing.

Because good marketing is about having a good strategy. Then choosing the right tools (that run without you). It's not just about the medium.

And yes, your website is part of it. But whether it's HTML5 or Flash or Gizmo 5.7 doesn't really matter. There are experts you can pay to do that stuff.

Marketing fundamentals don't change. So forget the tech tricks, they're wasting your time.

You need a marketing strategy. Focus on fundamentals that you know work, and then put all the pieces in place (website, emails, mailings, etc) to achieve it. It's pretty simple if you know what to do.

So skip the conference on the latest dork-tastic technology. First, focus on the strategy. Tech is a tool.

Raj Jha