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Why Successful Lawyers Used To Make Me Mad

I used to hate lawyers that were more successful than me.

And where I live, there are a lot of lawyers that had a couple of homes, took vacations at the Four Seasons, their kids were at prestigious private schools, and they pulled up in a (never more than two year old) BMW 7-series.

Probably it was jealousy. They had something I didn't have.

All the "stuff" that I wanted.

And mind you, in my book, there's nothing wrong with being a Material Girl. Money doesn't just get you the things you need. Money is "fun tickets". To do the stuff you want to do.

So when I saw other lawyers who seemed to "have it all," I got annoyed.

*I* deserved it all, too.

I worked hard for the money, so why wasn't I treated right?

But like I said at the start, the more successful lawyers USED TO make me mad. They don't any more because I learned there's a far more useful thing to do than getting mad.

Be happy for them.

'Cause that's how you become open to learning ... *how they did it*.

Financial success isn't about "deserving". My daughter's teachers are amazing, giving people. And they don't get paid a fraction of what many jackass lawyers do.

Financial success isn't about "working hard". My cleaning lady works incredibly hard, and has done so for seven days a week for the last 40 years. Far harder than I ever have.

... so once you dispense with the idea that it has anything to do with deserving, or working hard, you can get real.

Stop being pissed and get focused.

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If you want financial success, learn what successful lawyers have done, and embrace it. Be happy for them and open to learning from them.

That's the way you join 'em.

It's what I did, but I took it one step further. I looked not just at successful lawyers, but at successful businesses outside the law. Where the profits makes law practices look like pocket change.

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Raj Jha