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The No BS Law Firm Branding Checklist

Every self-proclaimed digital marketing guru-rockstar-ninja-jedi-expert on the face of the earth will tell you that your brand sucks – because they want you to buy a package to get you to the top of Google. Guaranteed!

So… what is your law firm’s brand? Have you ever actually thought about it?

Spare me the clichés about trust, honesty and expertise. Is that all you’ve got?

That’s not a brand. That’s an empty claim every law firm makes because it’s virtually impossible to validate.

What Is a Brand?

A brand is a unique space that you occupy in someone’s mind. It’s a position you own. It says your firm is the best one to handle certain situations.

That’s why branding matters.

Branding for law firms isn’t consumer branding. It’s not about having a swoosh for a logo and just doing it.

People don’t care about a law firm’s logo, and they sure as hell won’t remember it.

What People Remember About Your Law Firm

What they will remember is whether you’ve taken a specific position – not only on what you do, but also on how you do it and for whom. The key to branding is the “how” and the “who.”

Who do you serve? How do you serve them?

If you’re only saying the “what,” you’ll be stuck with a generic label. You’re the estate planning attorney, and you’re no different from the rest. The client or referral partner has no reason to choose you.

But if you’re the estate planning attorney to dentists, all of a sudden you have a position that means something.

If you’re the estate planning attorney with a five-step dental assets plan, you’re not just another attorney. You have something radically different.

This goes for every single practice, and every single geography.

Don’t dilute your brand by trying to be everything to everyone and listing a bunch of different practice areas.

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Raj Jha