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How To Use The Nurture Formula For More Law Practice Leads


We’ve talked about the essence of nurturing your clients and that it’s more about your character than substance. We all wish it were about the substance - how good you are - but it's not. It can't be, because ultimately a client can't know the result you'll provide until it's over.And you may have already taken some steps to construct your character, but how do you start to put this into practice?

While you can expand this model indefinitely, this is the most simple formula for nurturing your flock - the people you're marketing to.

It consists of creating two categories of “mailings”. Don’t get hung up on the term “mailing” here. It stands for any kind of marketing medium whether direct mail, video, etc. Regardless of what medium you’ll use for your nurturing, it will fall into one these categories - Expertise Mailings and Personality Mailings.

Build you as an expert, ideally through story

An expert is someone who can take something complex and boil it down to something simple. There’s no simpler way of teaching than by using a story.

Look at this blog entry as an example. There’s a story here and I’m bringing out a lesson through it. You don’t have to go as in-depth into the personal side, but you do want to create a story. A really easy way to do this is through case studies. You can describe a client situation that you’ve encountered and tell that story. I can’t stress it enough, people are drawn into a story.

If you start a mailing with citations and legal references at the beginning, you’ve already lost. You might as well not have tried. People don’t want to read that. They want to read a story that sucks them in and then educates. Think substance plus story.

Build you as a real person, sharing certain aspects of personal details

This is about your character.

A quick and easy way to do this is by using holidays. Pick your holiday, and share something personal with your flock. You’ve already established that you’re an expert, and now here’s your personality. Over time, people will build a perception of you as both an expert and a real human being who they want to know and trust. By allowing people to see personal details, you’re building trust over time.

It takes both expertise and personality mailings to make this formula work. If you’re just focusing on expertise, and there’s no story or person attached it to, you won’t be remembered. Your flock won’t trust you because they don’t anything personal about you.

We trust people who we know personal things about.

Side note: Does this sound abstract? Not sure if it will work? As of this writing, with our campaigns structured this way we've sent over half a million messages - and helped our Concierge Marketing members build great businesses. So whether or not you do this with us, use the formula. It works.

Raj Jha