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Law Firm Bookkeeping Tips To Set Your Firm Up For Success

Practice Alchemy has worked with countless law firms that attempt to do all of their bookkeeping internally. While some firms can make it work if they have the proper personnel,

Ross Yellin


4 Signs You Should Outsource Your Law Firm's Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping and accounting are essential to the success and profitability of any business, and that is no different when it comes to law firms. Unfortunately, attorneys often

Ross Yellin

3 mins

Law Firm Podcasts: Are They Worth Your Time?

As a lawyer, you have experience and insight into several specific niche areas. Cultivating a reputation as a thought leader by owning a legal podcast will demonstrate how

Ross Yellin

2 mins

The Case of Cash v. Accrual Accounting

Dogs or cats? iPhone or Android? Cash or accrual? … huh?! It’s an age-old “this or that” question that you, as a legal professional and business owner, must address.

Ashley Medeiros

4 mins

Law Firm Marketing: Is Paid Media For Law Firms Dead?

When people are researching which law firm or lawyer to work with, how do you ensure that you are in the running while also demonstrating that your services suit their needs best?

Ross Yellin

4 mins

Quickbooks Online vs. Quickbooks Desktop for Law Firms

A topic that has recently picked up steam for us here at Practice Alchemy is the decision of which version of Intuit’s QuickBooks product to implement for your accounting system.

How Law Firm Partners Benefit from Operations Dashboards

Why does your car have a dashboard? What would you really lose if you drove a car that had no indicators, dials, or meters?

Custom Website Infrastructure vs. Using a Content Management System

Should your website infrastructure be custom- built from scratch, or built using a Content Management System? The answer depends on your tolerance for security risk, cost, and

Luke George

8 mins