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Personal Injury Law Marketing – Why It’s Different

Working with personal injury law firms across the country, we are often asked by our clients why personal injury marketing is so expensive. The short answer: it’s expensive

Ross Yellin


Understanding the 3 Client Lifecycle Stages of Law Firms

The United States is home to 443,565 law firms that collectively generated $330 billion in revenues during 2019 alone. With so much money on the line and aggressive competition

Matthew Iovanni

5 mins

Annual Law Firm Maintenance Check


Marc Stern

2 mins

Vendor Strategy for Law Firms - Working Capital Management

We’re now in the back half of our five-part series on working capital management. First there was a brief introduction to working capital management. Then, we talked about why

Demystifying Bookkeeping

The month of February is for celebrating love, our nation’s presidents, and… demystifying bookkeeping? Maybe that last part doesn’t exactly fit into February, but in the spirit

Jonathan A. Medeiros, CPA, MBA

2 mins

Law Firm (Mis-) Management

How do you know if your firm is being managed properly? Maybe we should take a step even further back and ask a question that surprisingly doesn’t have an easy answer … What IS

Raj Jha

1 mins

Working Capital Management: Efficient Collections

Do you have a sense of how long it takes for your firm to complete the following tasks?

Jonathan A. Medeiros, CPA, MBA

2 mins

Working Capital Management: Cash is King

Do you have a handle on all your cash accounts? How about every dollar that comes in or goes out? Are you earning any return on your excess cash? If these questions are

Jonathan A. Medeiros, CPA, MBA

1 mins