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Lawyers: How to Pre-Qualify Prospects & Save Time Selling


If you view marketing as something completely separate from selling, then you're going to miss out on some important benefits.

Why? Because by the time you’re actually meeting with a potential client, you want to have as much of the groundwork laid as possible so that they already know what they’re really getting into, well before they ever get in front of you.

Saving Time in The Sales Process

We all know that our most precious commodity is time. You can always make more money, but the one thing you can't make more of is time. When you finally sit down with someone, you already want them screened, vetted, and positioned correctly. If this isn’t done beforehand you end up wasting an hour on a “consultation” - which could have been avoided altogether.

This is expensive, and costs you more than your money. It costs you your time, your frustration, your prep work, and ultimately it's demotivating if they don't engage you. By extending the things potential clients need to know about you from your sales process to your marketing process, you’re educating them before they ever meet with you.

If you’ve participated in my training before, you’ve received emails from me for a long period of time leading up to our meeting. That’s no accident. This helps you understand who I am and give you as much value as possible. I’m trying to create a relationship with you before I can actually talk to you in person.

How To Pre-Qualify Your Prospects on Autopilot

Frankly, there will be people in every marketing funnel and sequence who are simply not the right fit. The more you can screen those people out on an automated basis before they ever get in front of you, the better.

I know that I’ve given everyone in my training enough information about me that they know it’s the right fit. Of course there are people that I’m not the right fit for. That’s okay. But for those that are the right fit, we’ve established that relationship ahead of time and we can all be certain to get a good result when we start the training.

Think of this as a continuum. Obviously, the sales process alone is very important! It’s the conversion mechanism for turning a prospect into a client, but if it’s done right, your marketing will shoulder 90% of that burden.

The good thing about taking the time to really understand marketing is that it has enterprise value. If you sold your practice, the marketing process could stay in place, continually gather leads and prospects, and nurture them over time to eventually become clients.

This all becomes part of a machine, and who wouldn’t want to buy a machine that only takes a little effort and money to output clients on the back end? That’s the most valuable thing to be able to sell to another lawyer when selling your practice, but it all starts with your marketing being able to shoulder a huge amount of that burden.

Raj Jha