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Repeatable Referral Model

If you’re not getting regular referrals right now, here’s a model you can use to start to change that. Doing this regularly builds a referral-based practice.


The 3 N’s

There are three things you have to focus on to create a referral-based practice:

1. Network

The first thing you need to have is a network. As I’m sure you already know, this is where your referrals will come from.

Even though a lot of us have a network, we're not really nurturing it.

2. Nurture

Why is nurturing your network so important? If we have a network but we’re never in touch with them, it starts to stagnate.

3. New

If we're going to build a referral-based practice and we’re not getting many referrals today, maybe our network isn't large enough. Maybe we don’t have the right people in the network.

In this case, we need to add new people to our network to generate more referrals.

The 3 S’s

So, what happens if you don’t have all three?

1. Stagnate

Maybe you have a network that you're nurturing but you're not adding anyone new. What happens?

It starts to stagnate.

Your network will grow tired because even though you're nurturing it, you're not adding any fresh blood. Without adding new people to your network, you can’t understand whether or not you can get better referral sources.

In our programs, we solve this by helping our members clone their best referral sources to grow their business.

2. Slip

Maybe you're doing lunch or coffee with new people and adding them into your network but you're not really nurturing them. This leads to slip.

This is when the people in your network start to forget about you.

If you're not nurturing through some sort of automated marketing, your network will start to slip. They'll meet other people. They'll start referring to other attorneys.

3. Slide

What if you’re getting new folks and nurturing them, but you're not doing any in-person networking?

This will cause slide.

Sliding is when you start to plateau. The fact is, effective attorney-marketing is always has a combination of automated marketing - nurturing that doesn’t require your personal attention - and in-person networking.

If you're adding new blood to your network and doing automated nurture but never get out of your own office, your highest value referral sources will actually start to slide.

The 3 N’s For a VIP Referral Network

It takes all three N’s - Network, Nurture, and New - to build a referral-based practice.

In our programs, these are the things that we focus on. If you’re in our marketing program, we’re nurturing your network for you. This is a huge piece is that’s already taken care of. We give you all the form files and ways of identifying and reaching out to new people as well as a calendar for when you need to network.

If you have all three of these, you can create a completely referral-based practice which is a wonderful thing.

You don't have to rely on any kind of external service provider to send you leads. You won’t have to wonder where new leads will come from and you’ll build a vibrant VIP Referral Network.

We call them VIP’s because they are the highest value referral partners you can have.

You be gathering new people while knowing how to identify the highest value referral partners, and of course, they’ll be nurtured. When this happens, you’ll be in the zone where all three N’s intersect - this is the Repeatable Referral Model.

Maybe you already know of some areas where you want to make some improvements.

Have you ever sent out anything to your contact list? Have you nurtured your network? If not, that could be a problem. You may be sliding. You may be slipping.

Do you have a large enough in-person network group of VIP’s - people who are sending you business regularly? If you don't, it’s something you'll clearly have to build.

Are you meeting new people continuously? Are you meeting the right people? Have you identified who they are and actually gone out and targeted them? Instead of passively taking whatever meetings come your way, what if you could find the highest-value referral partners, put them in a network, and nurture them?

It takes all three N’s.

If you’d like some help, just reach out to our practice growth team at practicealchemy.com/freedom. You can book a ten-minute call with us to find out if and how we can help you, and how this model can fit into your marketing.

Raj Jha