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Running a Law Practice and Want Your Life Back?

Law firms are detrimental to our health.

According to a study from PsychSafe, attorneys are the least healthy of all white-collar professionals. Lawyers working at law firms have the worst psychological and psychosomatic health, and substance use and abuse is twice as prevalent among lawyers.

The legal profession is the most likely to have toxic work environments, too. And most lawyers would rather tough it out or try gimmicky stress management techniques than work on a serious prevention strategy.

Ever wonder why?

It’s not like what we do is so different from other professions that require people to show up at an office every day. It’s not the long hours.

It’s a combination of what we do and how we do it.

Step #1 to Taking Your Life Back

Our members’ practices make some of their biggest strides in the early days, when we clarify how they should be thinking about their time and energy.

The more we think of ourselves as employees of our clients, the more our morale and health suffers.

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But the more we consider ourselves CEOs and set up practices with clients who are invested in our success, the faster we escape this trap.

Red Flags that Can Drag You Down

You don’t often hear a lawyer say, “My practice is harming my health.”

Instead, you hear, “There aren’t enough hours in the day. I don’t have control. I’m in a state of gridlock. I need to hire more people, but I don’t want to manage them.”

These are all symptoms of a bad business model.

You don’t have the right systems in place. You’re letting someone or something else drive the bus.

If you don't feel you're in control, it's your business model. Not your fault - our entire industry is based on imitating poor business models. Just realize there is a better way.

Get Behind the Wheel and Stay There

With attention to the processes of your practice and your relationship with it, this problem is completely solvable. You can be in control.

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You absolutely have the ability to change your practice from a ball-and-chain to a real business that gives you the freedom you always wanted when you first hung your shingle.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, talk to our practice growth team. In just 10 minutes, we’ll let you know if our practice models can take you from frustration to freedom.

Click here to get access to my free Law Practice Growth Guide that shows you how to grow your law firm predictably and create freedom for yourself.

Raj Jha