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​The Secret To Getting Your Practice Out Of Deadlock​

Many of the attorneys my Practice Growth Team talks with are at a point of deadlock.

They don’t have any time left in the day and even if they did, they aren’t sure what they should do to change their practice.

It’s a challenging spot.

The reason they’re in this position is they don’t realize that doing more isn’t the solution.


In previous posts I’ve talked about ‘incrementalist thinking’ — continually adding things onto your practice, making it more complex and difficult to scale.

The biggest thing attorneys can do to make progress in their practice is to take time out to think. Most practice growth doesn’t come from doing — it comes from taking the time to think.

Many of you may say to yourself, “Wait a second, I don’t have any time to think.”

You may feel that way, but if you think about the problem in the right way, you can create the time to think and develop simplicity from complexity.

Think about the time and energy drains you currently have in your practice. If you find a way to delegate or outsource those tasks, you can focus on the parts of your business that give you energy instead of rob you of it.

This has the effect of creating time because it’s not the number of hours you put into your practice, it’s what you do with those hours that matters.

There are plenty of practices that generate far more income where the owners work fewer hours than you.

It all comes down to how you think about your practice, what you’re spending time on, and how you operate the business that makes the difference in getting your practice out of the deadlock.

I want to challenge you to think critically about which areas of your practice are most inefficient and how you use your time.

How are you approaching your calendar and communications with other people?

If you take time out to think and work in those areas, you can free up a huge amount of time you never knew you had.

Raj Jha