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Three Law Firm Marketing Tips Straight from the Experts

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There is not a “one-size-fits-all” strategy to marketing. It is important to customize your marketing strategy for your industry and audience, especially when it comes to the legal industry. Marketing is a constantly changing practice and lawyers are faced with the additional complexities of complying with ethical legal marketing guidelines.

Today, it is absolutely vital to have an online presence — not just to attract potential clients, but to be recognized as an industry thought leader. In order to keep your legal practice on an upward growth trend, it’s critical to invest time and resources to educate your potential buyers. If you’re like most attorneys, you are most likely not seeing a return on investment or generating new clients from traditional print media, referral or word of mouth marketing.

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You must be thinking...with so many responsibilities, how do I know what to prioritize? Everyone has to start somewhere. Check out these three law firm marketing tips that have proven to deliver new clients and improve attorneys’ reputations:

1) Demonstrate Expertise on Social Media Channels

Social media can be used to monitor the industry to stay current on legal discussions and industry trends. It will also help boost your visibility and build connections with other industry leaders and potential clients. Legal Futures reported that Twitter was becoming the key referral source for lawyers, with a 663% increase of people asking for recommendations through social media. It is important to ask yourself:

  • What channel is best for me?
  • Who am I trying to reach?

If you are not networking on social media, you are missing the opportunities to engage with potential clients. Social media channels like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn provide a fast and inexpensive way to keep in touch with potential clients, keep an eye on competitors, and keep up-to date with industry trends.

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2) Build Trust Through Blogging

Legal advice is becoming increasingly accessible online and law firms can use it to their advantage. Potential clients look for a law firm they can trust and you need to prove your firm is ready to take on their challenges. Blogging can help you:

  • Gain authority and search rank positioning
  • Become an industry thought leader
  • Provide expertise to your potential clients which covers their interests, legal questions and pain points

Share what you know and start by publishing a post 2-3 times a week!

3) Analyze Results Frequently

Unlike traditional marketing methods, you can now see in real time what is, or is not, working for your business and can adapt very quickly to improve the results. Too many lawyers don’t know if, or why, their marketing is successful. If you cannot measure it, I would not suggest investing time or resources on it. Every lawyer needs to identify a number of qualified prospects in order to acquire a certain number of clients. Once you start producing content and sharing through blogging and social media you can determine:

  • The number of raw leads generated from your blog and the type of content that is generating those leads. It will help you figure out what topics and formats you should continue focusing on.
  • How many people clicked your social media post and converted on your website? This data will give you a good indication on the types of content your followers are interested in and which platforms are most successful for you.

Tracking and analyzing data will help you to better understand your business.

Connect and build trust with your client base to see the results you want. Investing in marketing will ultimately lead to return. What are your next steps for executing these law firm marketing tips? Do you have a plan and goals to reach? What about allocating your time and resources?

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