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How do I Leverage LinkedIn for my Law Firm?

LinkedIn may be the most crucial social media platform for your law firm. Due to its professional nature, lawyers and other professionals feel more comfortable engaging in

Ross Yellin


Why Law Firm “Lead Generation” and Inbound Marketing are Different

Some lawyers assume lead generation simply involves hiring a pay-per-lead or pay-per-click service to feed them anyone remotely interested in talking. Those mistaken lawyers

Raj Jha

2 mins

Marketing for Attorneys and the Modern Wave of Outsourced Marketing

As marketing shifts from an art to a science, and marketers become more technologically advanced, industries across the world now view outsourced employees in a new light.

Raj Jha

3 mins

What to Look for in a Law Firm Marketing Agency

Law firms often assume that “law firm marketing agency” implies logos, branded brochures, and a fancy website. While these are certainly factors to be considered in a marketing

Raj Jha

6 mins

Law Firm Marketing Isn’t Worth Your Partner’s Time

Professional services businesses, including law firms, that see sustained profit growth are investing an average of 9.1% of their profits back into marketing efforts. The most

Raj Jha

4 mins

The Dangers of Paid Law Firm Advertising

People, in general, don’t like to spend money without any gain. And yet, lawyers across the country are hemorrhaging cash just trying to tick a “marketing box” by investing in

Raj Jha

5 mins

How Learning These Two Skills Can Drive Continued Success

After years of schooling, studying for exams and learning the ins-and-outs of lawyering, the last thing someone in our industry wants to hear is how we should learn more. But

Samantha Silvia

3 mins

The 5 Pillars of Business Development for Small Law Firms

Every law firm needs a foundation to build on, figurative “pillars” that hold up the rest of the practice and elevate it to new, successful heights. The addition of new

Raj Jha

5 mins