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Podcast - Are You Wasting Your Partners' Time with Ross Yellin Esq.


Waste of Time with Ross Yellin Esq. - Transcript

Hello, everyone, you're on with Luke George, Marketing Specialist, Lauren Stobierski, Marketing Associate, and Ross Yellin

Ross Yellin


​How to Refocus Your Practice For Maximum Impact​ (VIDEO)

If you’re like most of the attorneys we talk with, it’s really hard to focus on the things that matter.

I was the same way.

There’s a constant deluge of client crises, admin

Raj Jha

0 mins

Who’s Really Controlling Your Law Practice?

Who’s in charge of your practice?

As a small business owner and solo practitioner, your immediate thought is probably, “I’m in charge, of course!”

For a lot of attorneys,

Raj Jha

3 mins

How to Create a Law Practice That Runs While You’re On Vacation

I want to introduce you to a concept that was a topic in one of our recent member trainings.

The concept is Management By Vacation.

Raj Jha

2 mins

Running a Law Practice and Want Your Life Back?

Law firms are detrimental to our health.

According to a study from PsychSafe, attorneys are the least healthy of all white-collar professionals. Lawyers working at law firms

Raj Jha

2 mins

Lawyers, Your Back Stage is Showing. Cover it Up.

You see your practice as this monolithic thing through which you deliver legal services to your clients.

Your sole focus is doing that one thing: the legal work.

But as you

Raj Jha

2 mins

Finding Ideal Clients

Are you worried that you’re not getting good clients?

Are you wondering how you could not only land good clients, but ideal clients?

I want to take you through a thought

Raj Jha

3 mins

The 3-Part Strategy To Generate More Law Practice Referrals

Most of the marketing you see from attorneys is Push Marketing. It’s loud, attention grabbing, and, often self-centered. It’s exhausting to both the clients and the attorneys

Raj Jha

3 mins