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Quickbooks Online vs. Quickbooks Desktop for Law Firms

A topic that has recently picked up steam for us here at Practice Alchemy is the decision of which version of Intuit’s QuickBooks product to implement for your accounting


The 3 P’s of Becoming an Authority in Your Practice Area (VIDEO)

Many attorneys feel like their practice’s success is determined by external factors like the state of the economy, density of competition, and growth of DIY alternatives.


Raj Jha

0 mins

Are You Working Smart or Just Working Hard?

Some attorneys come to our program feeling trapped.

They feel like most of their daily activities don’t actually help grow their practice. They do a lot of ‘stuff’ but they

Raj Jha

2 mins

Who’s Really Controlling Your Law Practice?

Who’s in charge of your practice?

As a small business owner and solo practitioner, your immediate thought is probably, “I’m in charge, of course!”

For a lot of attorneys,

Raj Jha

3 mins

Lawyers, Your Back Stage is Showing. Cover it Up.

You see your practice as this monolithic thing through which you deliver legal services to your clients.

Your sole focus is doing that one thing: the legal work.

But as you

Raj Jha

2 mins

Finding Ideal Clients

Are you worried that you’re not getting good clients?

Are you wondering how you could not only land good clients, but ideal clients?

I want to take you through a thought

Raj Jha

3 mins

How to Write a Lawyer Bio Like a Pro

Most lawyer bios turn off potential clients.

Why do these bios do exactly the opposite of what lawyers want them to do?

People don’t read your bio to find out where you went to

Raj Jha

3 mins

The Lawyer Marketing Roadmap: How to Build Your Marketing Plan

Most lawyers fall into one of two camps.

Some have what they think is a marketing plan, but let’s call it what it is – a loose collection of tactics.

Some lawyers are too

Raj Jha

4 mins