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Podcast - What Affects How Much Money a Partner Can Take Home?


What Affects How Much Money a Partner can Take Home? with Ross Yellin Esq. - Transcript

Today we are talking about cash. We're talking about the profits that partners take

Ross Yellin


Did You Get Bitten?

I think I've been watching too many reruns of The Walking Dead.

You know, the zombie show. I thought I was the only one who was grimly fascinated by zombies, but apparently

Raj Jha

1 mins

Being a Good Lawyer Won’t Make You Rich

I’m sure you’re a good lawyer. Smart. Capable. Experienced. Sharp. Maybe even caring (unlike what our reputation would have the general public believe)

But... Being good or

Raj Jha

2 mins

Your Website Is Chasing Away Clients

Do you know how many clients you're ACTUALLY getting from your website, and how many of them are bouncing off like bullets off Superman's chest? Probably not. Let's look at the

Raj Jha

1 mins

Stop Being Chosen... And Choose Your Clients

As a young lawyer (we should have a name for young lawyers, like “pups” or “lawyerlings” or something, shouldn’t we?), I thought the way to attract clients was to offer deep

Raj Jha

1 mins

Why Selling Doesn't Have To Feel Like Selling

I have people often ask me: ‘what’s the number one reason lawyers fail in running their own practice?’ My answer is simple.

Raj Jha

3 mins