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Quickbooks Online vs. Quickbooks Desktop for Law Firms

A topic that has recently picked up steam for us here at Practice Alchemy is the decision of which version of Intuit’s QuickBooks product to implement for your accounting


Podcast - What Affects How Much Money a Partner Can Take Home?



Today we are talking about cash. We're talking about the profits that partners take home and what affects that metric? Because the  truth is that most of the

Ross Yellin

6 mins

Is Your Law Firm Marketing Missing A Strategy?

Strategy versus tactics - it’s a very important question from a marketing perspective. What does that mean? 

Raj Jha

2 mins

Podcast - Are You Wasting Your Partners' Time with Ross Yellin Esq.


Waste of Time with Ross Yellin Esq. - Transcript

Hello, everyone, you're on with Luke George, Marketing Specialist, Lauren Stobierski, Marketing Associate, and Ross Yellin

Ross Yellin

7 mins

Reliable And Systematized Marketing Increases Firm Growth

I'm going to tell you something you probably don't want to hear: if your marketing is not systematized, it's not going to work. 

Ross Yellin

3 mins

4 Law Firm Marketing Spending Traps

If you’re a law firm, how do you know you’re not over (or under) paying for marketing? And how do you know that what you wind up paying for will actually make a difference for

Ross Yellin

4 mins

Subject Matter Expertise and Thought Leadership as a Marketing Strategy

The phrase “thought leadership” has been increasingly used to describe the active strategy of converting subject matter expertise into functional action plans for marketing

Ross Yellin

2 mins

Ten Questions to Ask Your (Would-Be) Marketing Resource


Are you preparing to interview a marketing resource - whether or internal or external (or making sure you have the right one)? These are the top 10 questions you should ask

Raj Jha

1 mins