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Law Firm Bookkeeping Tips To Set Your Firm Up For Success

Practice Alchemy has worked with countless law firms that attempt to do all of their bookkeeping internally. While some firms can make it work if they have the proper personnel,

Ross Yellin


Five Questions To Ask Your Law Firm Advertising Agency

Picking the right law firm marketing partner is hard. There are countless options to pick from, they may all sound and look the same on a sales call, and the law firm marketing

Ross Yellin

4 mins

Your Intake Team is Costing You Money: Part 1: Phone Calls

Over the years, I’ve spoken and worked with hundreds of law firms across the country. For those that utilize an intake team, mainly plaintiff’s firms, one thing rings true across

Ross Yellin

2 mins

Podcast - What Affects How Much Money a Partner Can Take Home?


Today we are talking about cash. We're talking about the profits that partners take home and what affects that metric? Because the truth is that most of the

Ross Yellin

6 mins

Is Your Law Firm Marketing Missing A Strategy?

Strategy versus tactics - it’s a very important question from a marketing perspective. What does that mean? 

Raj Jha

2 mins

Podcast - Are You Wasting Your Partners' Time with Ross Yellin Esq.

Waste of Time with Ross Yellin Esq. - Transcript

Hello, everyone, you're on with Luke George, Marketing Specialist, Lauren Stobierski, Marketing Associate, and Ross Yellin Esq,

Ross Yellin

7 mins

PPC for Lawyers: 7 Things You Need to Know About SEM to Maximize Return For Your Law Firm

When it comes to Google AdWords for lawyers, the space is extremely crowded. For example, a search for “boston personal injury lawyers” returns the following:

You may find that

Raj Jha

6 mins

How Learning These Two Skills Can Drive Continued Success

After years of schooling, studying for exams and learning the ins-and-outs of lawyering, the last thing someone in our industry wants to hear is how we should learn more. But we

Samantha Silvia

3 mins