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Personal Injury Law Marketing – Why It’s Different

Working with personal injury law firms across the country, we are often asked by our clients why personal injury marketing is so expensive. The short answer: it’s expensive

Ross Yellin


5 Surprising Law Firm Marketing Statistics & What They Mean For Your Firm's Marketing


The law firm marketing landscape is always changing, and if you haven't brushed up on it recently, you may be in for a lot of surprises. If you're looking to start taking

Raj Jha

3 mins

Law Firm SEO: 5 Tips That Will Help You Get Seen by Prospective Clients


Why is SEO an important part of a law firm marketing strategy? Just ask yourself how many times you’ve searched for something and clicked on a link on the second page of

Raj Jha

3 mins

PPC for Lawyers: 7 Things You Need to Know About SEM to Maximize Return For Your Law Firm


When it comes to Google AdWords for lawyers, the space is extremely crowded. For example, a search for “boston personal injury lawyers” returns the following:

You may find

Raj Jha

5 mins

7 Habits of Wildly Successful Attorneys

If we could put a definition behind the word success, it’d list a combination of things. Being more profitable is a success measure. Sometimes productivity for lawyers is the

Adrienne Dale

4 mins

The 5 Pillars of Business Development for Small Law Firms

Every law firm needs a foundation to build on, figurative “pillars” that hold up the rest of the practice and elevate it to new, successful heights. The addition of new

Raj Jha

5 mins

The Secret to Becoming an Indispensable Connector

So what exactly is a connector, anyway? And how are they different from a networker?

Networkers are collectors of relationships, almost for the sake of having them. The actual

Raj Jha

2 mins

Authority Marketing 101 for Attorneys

The goal of authority marketing for lawyers is simple. You want to be the first name that comes to mind for the type of legal work you provide for a specific audience.


Raj Jha

1 mins