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Why Legal Content Marketing is Crucial for Your Firm

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Bring the right clients your door, without making any phone calls. That’s the goal of legal content marketing. When you create educational content, those seeking information will find you through organic means. Let’s say for example, your law firm specializes in personal injury, so you decide to write a few blogs about how to successfully navigate this sector. People looking for more information regarding personal injury lawyers will find it via social media or search engine (if you’re following best practices) and reach out to you.

Viola! This is the magic of legal content marketing. It’s so simple, yet many do not take advantage of the benefits that search engines and people’s curiosity can provide. I suggest you give it a try, and while you’re doing so, keep these benefits in mind:

Turns You into a Thought Leader

A published blog on your own website, with facts and outside resources, will make you look smart. We know you probably are, because you’re an attorney. But for prospects researching the best attorney to work with, you'lll want the collateral to back it up.

Creates Internet Longevity

Your content will live on as long as your website exists. If it is well written and fact-based, others will cite your work and link back to your original post. These “backlinks” boost your ranking on search engines and lead directly to your blog. With very little maintenance, your blog continues to work for you and gain momentum while you kick back and enjoy.

Keeps You Away from Cold Calling

Put yourself in the shoes of a client when they first realize they need an attorney. Most will Google their problem, learn more about it, and find a solution. It’s natural in today’s Internet-dominated world. If you’ve written about your practice and published articles online, those potential clients will hopefully land on your blog. If what you write is factually sound and a pleasure to read, the calls will start pouring in.

Reach Prospects on Multiple Platforms (Social Media)

Clients - and everyone, really - spend plenty of their Internet time on social media. When you publish a blog on your website, share it through all of the most popular channels, like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. For extra reach, keep an eye on hashtags and trending topics, then offer legal perspectives where relevant. People are already looking at those topics, so it makes sense to ride the trending wave.

Minimal Loss

Content marketing rarely ruins your business. Errors can often be repaired, with a little time investment. Most forms of content marketing exist on blog pages, which can always be edited. Sometimes the Internet can be forgiving like that. Maybe you published a blog with spelling errors. Don’t worry, just edit it. Is the blog now out of date? So update it! It really is that simple.

Despite the low barrier to entry when it comes to content marketing, it does take an ongoing time commitment and careful maintenance. Since most attorneys are already busy attending to clients, it may make sense to bring on someone else to manage it all - a marketing manager.  But before hiring some college kid who knows their way around Facebook, you’ll want to know what you’re actually hiring for. Click the link below to see why your firm might benefit from a marketing manager.

Looking for a more complete breakdown of the state of law firm marketing and how firms are catching up? Our team compiled the compete guide to law firm marketing.

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Samantha Silvia