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Sharing the Spotlight: Messaging for Multi-Partner Law Firm Marketing

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 To grow your firm, your marketing strategy must be backed by clear goals and an operational structure that measures what is working and what is not working. The first step to achieving this is making sure there is alignment between all partners at your firm. For many lawyers, marketing is often dealt with sporadically and decisions are made quickly without any kind of strategy.

However at multi-partner law firms, we tend to see disagreement on marketing, which ultimately leads to no marketing plan at all. When the practice areas are not the same, strategies that might work for one partner may not be optimal for the other partner. Successful partnerships require constant and consistent diligence from all partners. The first step to moving in the right direction is to create alignment on your firm's messaging.

How Do You Create Alignment on Your Firm’s Messaging?

Multi-partner law firm marketing is challenging, especially when partners are misaligned on the firm’s messaging. Regardless of your practice area, it is important to function together as a unified team with common goals and mutual accountability. 

It is important for partners to sit down and identify:

  • What are the goals for your law firm
  • Who your ideal clients are
  • What separates you and your partner from other attorneys

Potential clients need to clearly understand how they will benefit from working with your law firm. This could mean how are you saving them time, money or getting them out of trouble. Any kind of misalignment in your messaging may lead clients to believe your firm is not equipped to take on their challenges.

Create a Mission Statement

In 100 words or less, you should be able to explain why your firm exists. Although this may not seem important, it helps answer the question of why clients will hire you to represent them. Creating a mission statement will help guide internal and external message which will establish a starting point for the your firm’s forward growth progress. It will also help identify your firm's brand.

The mission statement should be unique to your practice and reflect both partners personalities but focus on the client – what their problems are, how does your firm solve their problems or meet their needs in a different way than your competition does.

Credentials & Expertise Are Important … But Aren't Marketing

One way to provide assurance and build trust with your potential clients is to highlight not just your credentials and expertise of your firm’s partners, but include why you are both different and why your firm is equipped to take on their challenges. It is also important to allow each partner to have their own personality and approach shine through after the base values are established. Positioning yourself as a thought leader helps establish authority. As long as the firm's overall messaging and goals are aligned, each partner can still establish their own voice allowing clients to understand who they are and how they can help.

In order to generate new clients, it is important to ensure that the firm's leaders are in agreement on the messaging. If you want to create a direction for the future of your practice, creating messaging alignment with your partner is a good place to start. Do you have a plan and goals to reach? Remember, creating messaging alignment is just the first step. Before scheduling your multi-partner meeting, check out what an effective law firm marketing plan looks like. Download your free guide to building a marketing strategy at your law firm.

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Raj Jha