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Law Firm Consulting Solutions

As practicing attorneys and multi-industry operational experts who have run our own professional services firms, we understand the unique complexities of managing a law firm as a business. Firms seeking to improve efficiency, make better use of available technology, and ultimately improve their revenue and profits rely on our expertise to hit and exceed their personal and financial goals.


Our Solutions, Your Success

Your law firm's operations should reflect the uniqueness of your practice and deliver measurable results.

Is your firm generating the revenue growth and profitability it should be? Even high growth firms are leaving money on the table. 

Regardless of the types of clients you serve, the size of your firm, or the scope of your practice areas, too many firms fail to realize their full potential.

Transform Your Practice


Benefit From the Best Practices Across the Nation

Practice Alchemyʼs team of operational experts carry with them the lessons learned from law firms and professional services from across the nation to bring you the best practices for your particular workflows. 


Proven Processes & Results

Practice Alchemy employs time-tested, proven processes that have helped hundreds of firms improve profits, increase revenue, and solve the difficult organizational issues that law firms inevitably reach in their growth.


Scalable Solutions

Whether youʼre looking for a solution for one particular problem or an over-haul of your firm's legacy process, our team is able to scale to your firm's requirement for outside expertise.


Practice Alchemy's suite of consulting and operations services will improve your firm's workflow, reduce wasted time, and position your firm for sustainable growth.

Marketing Operations Assessment, Benchmarking, and Improvement

Increase the yield and return on investment from your marketing efforts; Capture more clients while improving staff efficiency.

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Lead Follow Up, Intake, and Client Retention

From Inquiry to Sign Up, understand where and how you are missing opportunities and resolve them. 

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Marketing Attribution

Improve your decision making; Ensure you can tie back each client to the marketing dollar spent on the source that generated it.

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Marketing Partner Evaluation & Management

Properly assess, evaluate, and manage all your different lead gen providers, paid search, SEO, website, and other marketing partners

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Client Communications & Strategy

Automate mass client communication, touch base with the right clients at the right time; Reduce client requests for status updates.

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Internal Collaboration & Cross-selling

Improve shared expertise across practice areas and create systematic cross-selling within your firm.

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Policy Documentation

Onboard new hires faster, ensure consistency of service levels by capturing institutional knowledge and documenting your firm's workflow and processes.

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Workflow Process & Management

Optimize how your firm manages the client lifecycle.

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Reporting & Metrics

Understand the metrics that drive the business performance of your firm, acquire custom-built metric dashboards, and receive coaching on improving key metrics.

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Referral Management

Ensure the maximum return on your referred leads by properly tracking and leveraging into new business, or collecting referral fees owed from other law firms.

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Technology Needs Assessment / Vendor Evaluation

Gain an understanding as to how technology can improve your operations, and find the best software to fit your needs and make it easier for you to run your business.

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Technology Optimization

Get the most out of your software investments; how can your firm extract the maximum value for what it's paying for.

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Business Development Planning & Coaching

Customized 1:1 Attorney BD Coaching and alignment with Practice Area objectives.

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Succession Planning

Navigate the difficult situation of a retiring partner in a way that's lucrative for both the firm and that departing partner.

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Merger and Acquisition Advisory

Understand overlaps and gaps in people, process, technology, and marketing assets with a merger candidate.

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Competitor Analysis

Know who is practicing in your community, their online presence, digital strategy, and how you can compete and win.

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Organizational Alignment

Often firms with multiple partners have difficulty choosing a direction. Consult with an industry expert to align your firm in shared goals.

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Custom Projects

Custom projects fulfilled on request, pulling from a wide array of law firm management expertise. If your problem isn't listed above, reach out and let us know what you need help with.

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