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Law Firm Sees Return on Investment from Marketing In One Month

Read Time: 5 minutes   |   Category: Law Firm Marketing   |  Vertical: Estate Planning


Dave runs a small law firm out of Powell, Ohio. Dave has practiced law for over 30 years, but before Practice Alchemy, never prioritized marketing efforts. He had a single page website, but that’s where his digital efforts to expand his practice ended.

The Problem

As Dave advances in his career, the question of what happens next for his firm sits on his mind constantly. While he doesn’t plan on retiring for another ten years or so, he has begun to wonder how he can establish some sort of self-sustaining longevity for his practice.

When Dave initially began his venture into marketing, he sought the expertise of a local marketing firm in Ohio. Unfortunately, after a few months of almost no activity, Dave cut ties. He then began working with a national organization that specialized in the pay-per-click market. While Dave understood this marketing tactic, it drove unqualified leads, and he began to see the potential of a more complete marketing service that delivered significantly higher quality business.

The Solution

At first, Dave had his doubts about Practice Alchemy. He wondered if this would be another flop in the search to expand his practice. With a year-long commitment, he was unsure if he might have dug himself another hole.

Dave sat down with the Practice Alchemy team. After discussing his goals for the next ten years, we were able to articulate a plan for the partnership. As Dave put it, “I took Practice Alchemy for the experts that they are and deferred to them with any concerns of mine. It was a very programmatic approach, and everything was well explained to me. I still had control when it came to decision-making and editing, too.”

The first campaign for Dave involved email marketing, using Practice Alchemy's proprietary methodology. Here, the team at Practice Alchemy used specific education-based marketing content suited for Dave’s ideal clients and referral partners. He emailed them on a consistent basis, providing a voice of authority in the legal industry. Dave immediately began interacting with new clients, and people began referring him right away.

The same project structure applied to Dave's social media campaigns. Dave was not savvy in the intricacies of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, but Practice Alchemy handled all the details - and after working with Practice Alchemy Dave began to see complete strangers referring to him as an expert in his field.

The Results

Dave saw results almost immediately. While the program has a one-year model, and most financial improvements take time, he said, “the impact has been immediate as far as return on the investment from month one.” In fact, he made the equivalent of his entire year’s spend on Practice Alchemy back in the first month.

Now that Dave has put in the effort of creating a sustainable marketing system, he now has time to focus on what matters to him most: his life outside the office. We hope Dave enjoys the free time with his family and can start making plans for the firm for when he leaves.

“It was a very simple and pleasant experience,” says Dave. We hope you find similar results.

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