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Lawyer Finds Freedom with Dedicated Marketing Team

Read Time: 5 minutes   |   Category: Law Firm Marketing   |  Vertical: Estate Planning


Lee is a solo practitioner whose firm focuses exclusively on financial arbitration cases between investors and institutions on Wall Street. With a full caseload, Lee wasn’t having much trouble finding work to do, and his clients truly valued his work. When it came to strengthening his law firm marketing and sustaining that caseload, however, there weren’t enough hours in the day. Lee came to Practice Alchemy looking for a law firm marketing solution specific to referral generation.

The Problem

As a solo attorney, Lee faced difficulty in balancing his legal work with his law firm’s marketing efforts. After making a few attempts to build and run his own firm’s website in an effort to attract new clients, Lee realized that he was sitting on a gold mine. Over his career, Lee had amassed a healthy network of professional connections, but never took additional steps to extract value from that network. Since his efforts on Web and social media channels had been going largely unnoticed by his target prospects, Lee explored his options for capitalizing on his network.

After searching online for strategic ideas, Lee discovered a few Practice Alchemy videos where Raj, the CEO of Practice Alchemy, detailed specific approaches to law firm marketing. One video discussed how attorneys can generate business by falling back on their professional network to build a referral engine. Having found the expert advice he was looking for, Lee contacted the Practice Alchemy team to see if they could build a customized solution for his firm.

The Solution

Lee began his engagement with Practice Alchemy by sharing some background on his firm’s history and where he hoped to grow in terms of profits in the near- and long-term. Within a few weeks, the Practice Alchemy team got to work producing multi-channel marketing campaigns that shared messages about Lee’s expertise to specific targets in his network. By building trust and re-engaging with otherwise untouched contacts, the client inquiries and referrals started rolling in.

About a year after starting his membership with Practice Alchemy, Lee’s firm was operating on a “set it and forget it” law firm marketing model. While Lee could continue to focus on his arbitration cases, Practice Alchemy maintained and cultivated his professional network to sustainably produce new client inquiries.

The Results

Aside from the hours Lee gained back each week from not having to worry about executing marketing activities, Lee found serious value in the responsiveness, transparency, and quality of work delivered by the Practice Alchemy team. By being paired with a dedicated Member Success Manager and getting some strategic attention from Raj, Lee always felt one hundred percent confident in the quality of his law firm’s marketing.

When asked about his experience working with Practice Alchemy, Lee spoke highly of his assigned team. “[The Practice Alchemy team] has been very responsive to my needs. Friendly, competent, and generally engaging in what I needed to have done in the background, and I could see evidence of that.” Lee went on to explain his appreciation for the fact that he was never totally hands-off with his marketing, however. He always maintained control over his law firm’s voice and values: “I always felt cultivated, cared for, and never in the dark… I was really impressed.”

With his newfound freedom, Lee gained the ability to get creative and take the lead on his law firm’s marketing, either by exploring new territory or building on his current success. “I’m looking forward to developing some additional expertise campaigns, [and plan to] create an Expertise Binder,” Lee explained. He also has had enough spare time to do some traveling and build new professional relationships, further supporting his new referral generation process.

Are you looking to gain back control of your firm and earn some free time for continued law firm growth? The Practice Alchemy team is prepared to meet your needs and handle your law firm marketing. Click here to request your law firm marketing assessment and get started today.