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Firm Increases Engagement by Over 60%; Signs Nine New Clients

Read Time: 3 minutes   |   Category: Law Firm Marketing   |  Vertical: Estate Planning


Liza is a partner at a firm that specializes in estate planning. After graduating from Stanford University, working at a large law firm and giving birth to her first son, Liza felt the urge to use her talents to assist children and families. The firm is based in Palo Alto.

The Solution

After outlining her needs and concerns, Liza and the Practice Alchemy team decided to create a Trust-Building Campaign in order to engage and connect with her contacts. This campaign was built by delivering the right content, to the right contacts, at the right time.

To start the campaign, Practice Alchemy helped Liza create a professional contact list, which according to her, was the impetus she needed to organize what was usually an ad-hoc method of communicating with other lawyers. She now has an organized system that grows every day.

Secondly, the team worked to create reusable templates for content and collateral to help with finding referrals. One example was the White Knight Pages guide which was used to share with clients who know other people facing similar problems.

The next matter to address for Liza was creating effective content—not spam. She partnered with Practice Alchemy to edit pre-written blogs and put her own twist on them. After adjusting this content, Liza further personalized the email messaging and delivered it to her contacts.

The Results

The results? Instead of waiting for slow days to grab lunch, Lizaʼs contacts began reaching out to her, thanking her for the blogs, and trying to get in touch. Here are some hard figures:


Lizaʼs initial goal was to get three clients in order to break even. Now, only a third of the way through her contract with Practice Alchemy, she has closed eight clients, with the ninth soon to come.

Thatʼs not all Liza has gleaned from her time working with Practice Alchemy. She has also learned valuable marketing techniques like LinkedIn tools and blog posting, to create buzz for her practice. Additionally, she has seen less price resistance and better quality of clients.

Now that Lizaʼs marketing efforts have begun to autonomously take care of some aspects of her business she looks forward to spending less time in the office. Sheʼs even more excited to become a community resource in the legal industry.

“Practice Alchemy made me more aware of the ecosystem I swim in,” says Liza. We hope it can do the same for you.