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Managed Services Marketing

Request a Marketing Strategy Session Today!

If you’ve done marketing in the past, but it hasn’t been effective - you’re not alone. A significant percentage of firms coming to us have done marketing in fits and starts … and aren’t sure what’s working, and what’s not. They want a road map, and an expert to guide them.

Our Managed Marketing offering is for exactly that. Unlike firms that know the path they want to take - such as running pay per click campaigns, or creating a thought leadership marketing program, some firms just need an experienced hand to guide them out of the woods and towards clarity.

If what you’re looking for is senior-level guidance on what to do, month-by-month, management of your current vendors, and clear reporting, this is the service for you. We provide you with: 

  • A senior Marketing Strategist that runs your marketing function and is your right-hand person for generating more business
  • A strategy to help you get competitive bids from vendors or handle it for you

Want to finally have clarity, a marketing plan that works, and a seasoned expert to execute it for you? Book a strategy session today!