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Paid Management Marketing

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If your firm represents consumers, you should expect your marketing to generate a reliable return on spend. Imagine a steady flow of high-quality clients - and the confidence that comes from knowing your campaigns are profitable.

If you hire a commodity pay per click agency, you’ll be plagued by these common problems:

  • They don’t work exclusively with law firms, and don’t understand attorney advertising requirements– getting you into ethical trouble
  • If you get any reports, they’re about “impressions” and “clicks”– when what you want to know is if you’re getting clients
  • You won’t have a senior marketing strategist to call who can actually explain best practices and how they’ve tailored campaigns to your specific firm
  • They’re only familiar with one platform, like Google AdWords– ignoring profitable channels like Facebook, Twitter and GDN

With our Paid Management Marketing, you’ll get the transparency, clarity - and most importantly - financial results - you always wanted. We are the only firm with a unique combination of proprietary marketing processes, technology, and data that allows you to pin-point target prospective clients online even before they search for a lawyer on Google.

Want to discover what your firm would look like with 100% accountable, profitable paid management marketing? Book a strategy session today!