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Attorney Grows Client Book by 60%

Liza Hanks, Partner at Finch Montgomery Wright, LLP, saw a 60% increase in client generation after outsourcing marketing to Practice Alchemy.

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Law Firm Sees Rapid Marketing ROI

Learn how Business Law and Estate Planning attorney Dave Ison paid off his marketing fees by generating clients after only one month.

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Lawyer Finds Freedom with Marketing Team

With the right law firm marketing team handling his marketing execution, attorney Lee was able to earn back more time each week to plan and practice.

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How Referrable is Your Law Practice?

This quick diagnostic "scorecard" will highlight how well your current marketing is positioning you for referrals - and provide specific steps to increase your referral business.


Follow Best Practices to Maximize Your LinkedIn Reach

Making professional connections isn't all that hard on social media. Making quality professional connections that lead to beneficial partnerships or new client relationships, though... that requires a tactical approach.


Do You Have a Tough Time Asking for Referrals?

Tests are always easier when you have the answers in your hand. We don't condone cheating, but there's nothing wrong with having a helpful script on hand when you ask your partners and clients for referrals.


Top 10 Marketing Mistakes Law Firms Make

Learn about these top 10 marketing mistakes law firms often make, and how you can avoid them at your firm.


Become the Legal Authority in Your Market

Positioning yourself as an authority is critical. It affects how many referrals you get, how much clients will pay, and, when done correctly, can begin a new chapter of truly enjoying your practice.


Do You Know Where Your Firm Will Be a Year From Now?

Your perspective on practice development determines how much your firm is going to grow. Getting into the right mindset leads to critical assessment of your progress, which in turn leads to the development of a winning growth formula.


Could Your Fee Structure Be Hampering Your Practice's Growth?

Discover how to leave the billable hour behind and position yourself as a premium-priced flat fee practice. This guide has helped attorneys from over twenty practice areas drop the billable hour.


Is It Time to Hire a Marketing Manager for Your Firm?

Marketing is at the absolute core of your law firm's growth. But many firms struggle to find the time or experience needed to strategize and execute marketing plans. Enter: the marketing manager.


Complete Guide to Law Firm Marketing

What is marketing, and what does it mean for your firm? Uncover all you need to know about legal marketing in our "Complete Guide to Law Firm Marketing."

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Guide to Personal Injury Law Firm Marketing

Learn exactly what personal injury law firm marketing entails and how to create a marketing plan that will help you stay ahead of the curve.

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How Law Firm Marketing is Wasting Your Partners' Time

The most successful law firms today engage in law firm marketing. Learn how you can build a marketing program without wasting partner time.


Navigating Law Firm Succession

Has your law firm struggled with succession? Learn about how to navigate the process, tips on handling the generational handoff, and the tools you'll need to make this shift without losing clients.

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Bookkeeping Assessment

This quiz will determine your managerial understanding of law firm bookkeeping. Answer these questions as they relate to your own behavior and practice and compare yourself to other firm's bookkeeping strength.

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