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The Myth of the Business Lunch

The fastest way to build your practice is more business lunches, right?

One client at a time. They say that it's how 'successful' lawyers do it.

... because a lawyer is a big purchase for a client, so of course we need to sell face to face. Right?


I'll prove to you that people are willing to part with far, far more money than they spend on you ... sight unseen.

Let me tell you the story of a once-little investment firm Fisher Investments. You've probably heard of them, but a few years ago you wouldn't have.

Anyway, for years they toiled away with manual selling. Their investment advisors would call, do lunches, all the "usual" stuff.

They didn't grow that fast. At all.

After all, they were targeting higher net worth individuals. Folks who would give them at least $500,000.

And of course, nobody would ever part with that much money without a lunch meeting, right?

Until Ken Fisher decided to give a different style of marketing try (using some of the same strategies I teach at my events) instead of old-school selling.

He dropped the cold-calling, dropped the antiquated pretentiousness, and created a marketing system.


In four years, his firm added $16 billion (billion with a B) to its portfolio. Without face to face selling.

Guess what? People were willing to hand over at least a half-million dollars apiece to someone they had never met.

That's the power of automating your marketing.

And I bet you're asking clients for a little less than half a mil?

Don't know about you, but I find business lunches a grind.

So stop the random lunching, and get a marketing strategy that isn’t from the powdered wig days.

Raj Jha