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Why I Started Blogging

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I never wanted to start a blog.

After all, most blogs are just painful. Legal blogs, even more so. Usually filled with great advice, if you’re practicing in the 1970’s. Or aren’t particularly interested in showing lawyers how to create a real business. You know, one that actually works for the owner, instead of regurgitating “conventional wisdom” that’s kept the legal profession in the dark ages. So joining that storied crowd didn’t sound so appealing.

It’s time for someone to sweep away the cobwebs, and I’m here to do it.

I’m Raj.

I started out like many of us. Hung a shingle, scraped up a few penny-pinching clients, was a slave to the billable hour, and rarely found respite from stress. It took years of experimentation, learning – of seeking – to find there’s a better way to practice law.

Now, I’m the furthest thing from the desk-shackled, hour-grinding monkey I once was. And I’ve been teaching private practice lawyers how to go from frustration to freedom for several years now.

But my real love is to help lawyers learn how to think and act like entrepreneurs.

So why a blog? Why now?

I’ve seen what my colleagues do. I’ve lived it. Most of us know how to practice law, but few of us understand what it takes to build a practice into a successful business. I’ve made it my mission to help lawyers turn their stuck in a rut, me-too practices into successful business' that support their ideal lifestyle.

This blog is a tool to facilitate a larger discussion about law as a business, for lawyers interested in creating a practice that serves their life goals. For you to have a business that works for you, instead of you working for it.

In this blog, we’ll cover everything I wish someone would’ve told me when I was building my law practice. We will discuss things  things like...

  • How to stop thinking like a lawyer and start thinking like an entrepreneur
  • How to run a law practice as real business
  • Creating frameworks for your practice that allow it to organically grow
  • Why selling doesn’t have to feel like selling
  • Getting the clients out of the drivers seat and taking control of your practice
  • How to get from here to where you want to be as a lawyer and a business owner
  • The MORE framework: marketing, operations, referrals, and engagement

If you like billing hours, wearing powdered wigs, gavels, and being a pompous @ss, this blog will not be for you.

If you think law is somehow “special” and exempt from the laws of business and economics, this will not be for you.

If you are more concerned with your image than your freedom – the freedom TO do what you want to, and the freedom FROM obligations you don’t like – this blog will not be for you.

My hope is that you’re not one of those lawyers. That you’re entrepreneurial. That you’re tired of the broken models of business in law that we simply inherit from firms that we mistakenly looked up to for years.

If you’re tired of your clients and practice controlling you, now as the time to change the equation.

If that’s you, then you are why I started this blog.

Raj Jha