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Did You Get Bitten?

I think I've been watching too many reruns of The Walking Dead.

You know, the zombie show. I thought I was the only one who was grimly fascinated by zombies, but apparently it's become one of the most-watched cable shows ever.

So on the show nearly everyone's become infected with a virus. It pretty much makes them brain-dead, shuffling, people-munching machines. Then there are the survivors who didn't get infected yet. And, of course, they keep their distance from the zombies.

Because if the zombies get to them, and someone gets bitten, guess what? They turn into a zombie too.

So it's not easy being a survivor. You're one of a small group who can still think for yourself ... instead of shuffling around, slowly dying of hunger - and feeding off scraps of dead animals and the occasional live human you find. Able to plan how to navigate your future, instead hearing a loud noise and stumbling to it hoping for your next meal.

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Sound familiar? Kind of like a lot of law practices.

Shuffling around, picking up scraps of work here and there, but without a plan to get more. Hearing the noise of a potential client and heading straight towards it, because it could be something with a heartbeat. And occasionally there's a hearty meal that keeps them going, for now.

But when's the next meal?

They're all infected with bad information of how to market their law practice. They contracted it listening to the legal press and other lawyers. And they pass on the bad information to the next lawyer, who gets infected. And soon, most lawyers are doing dumb manual marketing. With no way to predict results. So they stumble around braindead, trying random stuff.

There are some survivors though.

Folks who can create a future for themselves, because they can plan ahead. Who know how to get their next meal, instead of living day to day. That is, so long as they keep from getting infected by the dumb-marketing virus.

Even if you're infected, there is a cure.

It's called planning. A strategic marketing plan.

Make one, and avoid becoming undead (or, don’t go it alone - join your survivor colleagues in our stronghold - as a Practice Alchemy member)

Raj Jha