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The One Thing Every Successful Attorney Makes Time For

A lot of the attorneys we speak with feel like they’re in a deadlocked situation. They feel like they’re running a million miles per hour and doing so many different things that they don’t have time to slow down or think.

It’s a huge problem.

The key to getting out of this trap is actually to set aside the time to think.

This is one of the distinguishing factors between practices that grow and practices that get stuck.

The practices that grow take the time to think even when they feel strapped.

No matter how busy your practice is right now, you can always create time to think about how to get from where you are to where you want to go.



A lot of the operational problems of a practice arise because attorneys don’t take a step back and think about their business as a business.

The highest and best use of your time is not in the doing of stuff in your practice - it’s in the thinking about how to best run your business. If all you do is spend your time running the practice, you’ll never be able to do a better job of delivering better client service to more clients.

Doing more doesn’t create the real progress - thinking more does.

Take The Time

I suggest you take yourself out for coffee.

Make a list of all the things that must be true to create the practice you want - the practice that can deliver outstanding client service and support you as a business owner.

Then think about what your non-negotiables are. What are the things that you absolutely will not (or should not) do?

If you take the time to list this out, your mind will start working towards solutions to the operational problems in your practice.

These solutions could include:

  • How you deliver client services when you’re not there
  • How you ensure the marketing happens even when you can’t do it personally
  • What you should delegate
  • What you should outsource

While reading this, if you feel like you have absolutely no time for anything else, then it should be obvious that you MUST force yourself to find time for this exercise.

Without forcing yourself to take the time, you’ll never get out the trap of being deadlocked. Make it the highest priority right now. Take yourself out to coffee and start thinking through this.

The practices that make the most progress and leap to the next level are the ones asking smart questions about how to get from ‘here’ to ‘there’ - not the practices that run a million miles per hour doing the same things over again.

Raj Jha