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Fear of Marketing

When attorneys are talking with our Practice Growth Team for the first time, it's common to hear that they have a fear of marketing. They're worried that if they market, they won't be able to handle the work. They're already stressed - dealing with today's clients, and ...

This fear leads to a deadlock in their growth.


When they're afraid to market, they stop doing it. When they stop, they get stuck with a dry pipeline of potential clients. Inevitably, the work they have today dries up. They've got nothing.

They go from “too busy” to “completely empty”. Their practice then runs on fumes for a while until the marketing catches up with them.

To change this, you have to think about marketing as something that happens on an ongoing basis.

If you’re afraid that marketing will cause too much work, it really means you have to challenge your assumptions about how you deliver your work. Often, attorneys assume that if they have five clients today and the marketing generates five more clients, then they’ll ten clients worth of work— double the effort.

In actuality, if the marketing is done right, new clients will already be nurtured when you get them. This lets you set the expectations for how you deliver, and you can do it in a way that’s nonlinear.

Then, five clients yesterday plus five new clients today doesn't equal ten units of effort. It could be only six units effort - maybe just four units of effort!

This all goes back to the operations of your business. If you think about the various aspects - marketing, operations, positioning, the sales - all of these factors come together to create the work for you.

For example, let’s say you decide to work with us to handle your marketing. You're no longer worried about the time it takes to do the marketing. You know that it's getting done reliably, month after month. Now you're actually getting new clients.

The question then becomes, “How do you think about those clients?”

One thing we work on in our Practice Growth Program is how to operate the business so that incremental clients don't cause a linear growth in the time it takes. In other words, we find out how can you add more clients without adding more time and stress to yourself.

A lack of marketing is one of the leading causes of a practice hitting the rocks. Because they don't market, the leads dry up and they get into a real jam.

So, what could you do if you get too many potential clients knocking on your door?

  1. You could turn them down.
  2. You could increase your prices.
  3. You have an opportunity to investigate how to increase the effectiveness of your operations so that you can handle an increased client load.

One way to incrementally grow your practice is by consistently marketing and making sure you’re growing the operations of your practice to meet that challenge.

If this has been helpful to you, I’d like to invite you to continue the conversation with my Practice Growth Team. Go to practicealchemy.com/freedom to book a quick ten-minute call to see if and how we can help you.

Raj Jha