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Law Firm Bookkeeping Tips To Set Your Firm Up For Success

Practice Alchemy has worked with countless law firms that attempt to do all of their bookkeeping internally. While some firms can make it work if they have the proper personnel,

Colleen Kendrick
Ross Yellin


Colleen Kendrick

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Does law firm branding matter?

Think of all the other practicing attorneys within 20 miles of your firm. There are quite a few, aren't there? How many of those share similar areas of expertise as you? Probably

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What's in a Successful Law Firm's Technology Toolkit?

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How a Small Law Firm Can Take Advantage of Social Media Marketing

Social media. We use it every day, and some of our peers seem to live online. People are out there taking pictures of their lunch, or leaving politically-fueled rants on public

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Disproving 6 Common Excuses for Not Marketing Your Firm

High schoolers know everything, don’t they? That’s why they drag their feet every morning on the way out to school, and why they procrastinate and call homework stupid. In the

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